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Pick-Ur-Own Apples
Apple Picking closed.
Simmons Farm Offers a Variety of Delicious Apples
Closed for the season.

All Pick-ur-Own apples varieties are available in our markets and at farmers markets when in season. 
Picking is weather dependent, also we ask that no outside bags are used for picking and all extra apples picked require payment. Also there is a minimum required to enter the orchard.
Pick-Ur-Own Apples open day to day.
A great activity for individuals or families!

Prices: (pick-ur-own only)
1/2peck: $8.50
1 peck: $13.00
1/2bushel: $18.50
(minimum of 1/2 peck/person over 16. Children under 16 must be accompanied by adult)

Apple picking at Simmons Farm makes for a great experience, and also is the best way to get fresh fruit. Apples in our market are always picked fresh, but nothing beats picked fresh from the tree. 

Did you know that most apples in the grocery stores (not local farm markets) are up to 10 months old before you buy them? They also are usually gassed with a chemical prior to shipment to keep them fresh longer. This can all be avoided by picking your own!

If you would like a description from a Simmons Farm customer follow the link below to "The Pittsburgh Mommy Blog"

Follow the signs when you arrive at the farm, they will direct you to stop at our market first or go straight to the orchard.
Minimum required per adult, also ground may be uneven and apple tree are outdoor. 

Varieties change throughout the season so call ahead if you are interested in a specific variety.

Large groups/field trips follow this link below for more details.