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Greenhouses now open!
Both locations now open.
Monday-Sat 9am-5pm
Sunday 11am-4pm
Our Rt.19 market is open with fresh local produce, vegetable plants and flowers. We will be following Covid-19 cleaning recommendations and procedures for our customer and employee safety. This includes face mask requirement.
If you want to order plants for planting or curb side pick up you can call 724 941 1490 for farm location and 724-941-7540 or email at and in the subject put ATTN JAN.
Once you have made arrangements you can pay by phone.

List of plants we grow
Below you can view lists of plants we grow. Click the file to view the list of different plants we grow. 
Not all are guaranteed to be available due to different planting schedules. Please email or call for daily availability.

A few tips to keep Your Flowers Healthy All Summer...
Know Your Lighting and Watering

Look at your spot and see how much and what kind of sun it gets.

Morning Sun:
Fuchsias, Lobilia/Bacopa mix, and Impatiens
These baskets have trouble with the intense afternoon sun.

Afternoon Sun: (12pm-4pm)
Petunias, Million Bells, Geraniums
These love full sun at least six hours of direct sun and can take the heat of summer days

If you have baskets, taking them out of the rain will help prolong the blooms. Watering in the morning is a good idea, this allows any water on the leaves and flowers to dry off before the cooler nights.
  • Don't let your baskets wilt; however this does not mean flood them. Sometimes wilting may indicate to much water, and death of root system.
  • The best thing to do is push up on the bottom of the basket and see if it is light. If water comes rushing out the bottom you may be over watering your basket. Also you can stick your finger into the top of the basket and see if it is dry. If it is light, or feels dry, add water, and fertilizer as needed--especially for petunias and million bells.
  • When it is cloudy your basket may not need water. In fact too much water can hurt your roots as much as letting it dry out. Too much water will eventually kill your roots and your plant. This will cause your plants to look wilted because the roots are no longer taking up water.
Like our produce, Simmons plants are grown in our greenhouses. This allows us to ensure that our plants are disease and pest free. Since we start the plants, feel free to ask us how to ensure they finish growing in your garden or home. Our greenhouse attendants can help you create the perfect planter or answer any plant questions you have. If you need a very technical question please email us any time at       

Deer Resistant Plant List*

Here are some suggestions for plants that deer stay away from, however as all gardeners know there is no totally deer proof plant.








Bee Balm

Baby's Breath



Blue Salvia

Polka Dot Plant



Seed Geranium   








Dusty Miller




Wax Begonia





*All of these plants are just suggestions from educational institutions and word of mouth.  Resistance may vary based on location and deer population.

Home or Business Custom Planting


  • First select a planter from our greenhouse, or bring your own pot or planter to the farm.
  • Next select any color or variety of plant from our greenhouses, or have one of our experienced workers select them for you.
  • We will plant your planter while you wait, depending on staff availability.  
  • If you want to get your hands dirty, you are welcome to use our facility to create your planter. 
  • We can come to your home if planter is immobile; call to schedule an appointment.

  • Let our designers help you beautify your business with custom planters full of colorful flowers from our greenhouse.
  • We can come and plant your business flowers.
  • We can build custom beds, watering systems and planters for your business.
  • This service is only provided at the farm location.
Email questions to
Vegetable Plants
  • Plant your own garden and have fresh produce right outside your door all summer.
  • We carry over 15 varieties of Tomatoes, 12 varieties of Peppers, Zucchini, Cabbage, Onions, Melons, Cucumbers, Perennial Herbs and many more.
  • We carry the old varieties, that are tried and true. We also have the most up to date varieties available today. All of which we trust in our own fields.
  • All vegetables are available at the Farm and the Rt.19 locations. 
  • Stop in and let our knowledgeable staff  assist you in your selection, and in getting your plants off to a healthy start.

Free "Plantex"Fertilized Water!
With Plant Purchase
Unlimited Refills
(while supplies last

Why you ask???

Most plants like a specific pH and fertilizer when in a container.

However m
ost public water supplies don't provide this. As a service to our customers, we provide the water with the same fertilizer and adjusted pH that we use.

Just bring your own container to the farm market and fill it up. Our customers may have as many refills as wanted through out the summer.
We recommend at least once a week, but fill as many times as you want.

**Especially important for petunias and million-bells.

Keep fertilized water out of reach of children and pets.

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