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Cut-ur-Own flowers.


Flower picking is closed for the season will reopen early summer.
Bucket Price $ (minimum 1 per 2 adult to enter field)
There is a $5 deposit for bucket and scissor that is returned at the end of picking.
All picking is outdoor and may be on slippery and uneven ground.

  • Minimum 1 bucket per 2 flower pickers (17 and over); parents must accompany children under 17. 
  • Petting zoo is available to pickers.
  • Activity area near flower fields is closed.
  • All picking is outdoor and may contain uneven ground.

How It Works...
  • Stop at the market on the farm.
  • Get a flower bucket and       scissors to pick flowers at market before going to field.
  • Drive to field.
  • Hand select the freshest possible flowers from our fields.
  • Come back to the market to    return bucket and scissors for deposit refund.

  • Create the arrangement the way you like.
  • Take home a fresh, long lasting arrangement!
  • Great way to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Get a few pictures with a great backdrop to share with friends and family!

Varieties Grown:
  • Ageratum, Amaranthus, Ammi, Aster, Celosia, Cosmos, Dahlias,  Eucalyptus, Fever Few, Marigolds, Ornamental Kale, Ornamental Pepper, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Snapdragons, Status, Sunflowers, Tranchelum and Zinnias.

    All varieties are weather dependent and may vary in size and quantity. If you need a specific variety call or email before visit.

    We recommend that you call ahead (724-941-1490) to ensure availability/weather.

Don't forget we can help with affordable wedding flowers
and  special event arrangements. If you want to arrange your own event flowers, you can purchase a larger bucket .

Call 724-941-1490
or email
 Ask for Megan.
*All Pick-Ur-Own dates and varieties are approximate. 
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